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Rainbows is a fun, addictive card game for three or more players, ages five and up.

Work with other players to help create Rainbows, create Rainbows on your own, or try to stop other people from making Rainbows!

Only one deck of cards is needed, and it takes minutes to learn to play!

rainbows cards


20 sided die
8 sided die

Aftermath is a grim fantasy role-playing game with horrific overtones. Experience the terror of being trapped underground, with only your wits and your characters' talents to save you. Thrill to the power of Sorcery while working with friends and companions. Watch as your character slowly goes insane from stresses better left to the imagination.

Aftermath is a complete fantasy role-playing system for intermediate to advanced players. While any age may attempt to play Aftermath, it is best suited for players 13 and up.

Consisting of 9 different types of being and 14 careers, the game can be different every time you play! Contact me for more info.

The Bank

The Bank is a snippet of Interactive Fiction originally submitted as a sample for a game writing job. Although unsuccessful in getting the position, I felt that it was fun on its own merits and so I am placing it here. Please let me know what you think!

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