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TV and Film Script Loglines

Dinosaur Tracks/3 pages/3 characters(2 kids and an older man)/FX needed--Two kids go fishing for dinosaurs. What could possibly go wrong?(dark comedy)

Incident 3517/23 pages/multiple characters/FX needed--In the future, Allan is haunted by an encounter--Incident 3517. But what is an Incident 3517?(SF) (Note: This script has been compared to the Black Mirror television series regarding content and tone.)

Tab Stop(working title)/20 pages/multiple characters--All of Sebastian's dreams come true, with a twist.(comedy)

The Spectacle of the Hanged Man/10 pages/multiple characters/specific effects needed—When the hanged man is buried, someone must pay.(drama)

Man In Review/8 pages/1 older man and one young female nurse/sound fx needed—A contest of wills symbolizes a deeper conflict. Or does it?(comedic drama)

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Stage Play Synopses

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A Death of Understanding/19 pages/ 1 older man and one younger man—A prisoner is psychologically tormented by both himself and his jailor.(drama)

The General/11 pages/2 older men, one younger man—At the end of a long campaign, a general reflects on the nature of war and sacrifice(drama)

Fiction Writing Sample

The only fiction writing sample I currently have is my interactive short story "The Bank". This story was written as a test for a game writer postion and has been described as "Brazil Meets The Office". If you enjoy it, or have any comments, please e-mail me!

Click on the image to experience this sample.

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